Time to Get to Work

It’s taken a bit of time to get everything in order for this, but now that the blog itself is live I figure it’s time to get around to creating some content for it. I have a few related intents for this blog, but they can be summed up together fairly thoroughly.

In short I want to make a better world for us.

Breaking it down a bit more I want to use this space to:

  1. Explore ways to integrate what I am learning about PIC(Prison Industrial Complex) abolition and related works into how I interact with the security industry. For example finding pathways to restorative justice instead of defaulting to police for navigating security problems.
  2. Evaluate incident response and related models against systemic selective pressures that brought about the incident.
  3. Talk about and share what it’s like to work in the STEM industry as a queer, non-binary, trans person, with disabilities.
  4. Explore the intersection of ethics and the security field, and specifically what our obligations are as makers, engineers, and leaders to

I may use this space for other things in the future as well, but I figure there is plenty of ground to cover in the topics above for now.

I don’t have an exact cadence of posting in mind. Although I would like to get to a point of one a month eventually at least.

It was a purposeful design choice to disable comments on this blog. If you want to send feedback you are welcome to email me at contact@chaos-cat.page.