Introductions: Starchild

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Note: This was originally written as part of my family’s Substack. As we’re now moving away from that platform I’m moving the post over to here.


I have several thoughts and narratives that I want to share. But I’m unsure how this will all fit together. I’m going to put some of the thoughts here in hopes that I am able to edit them into something more cohesive. I find it somewhat ironic that I am attempting to write this on one of the busiest days of my week, when I have to look after the kiddo, cook, and help with the dishes. I guess I’ll see how much of this I’ll be able to get done.

StarChild's VRChat avatar smiling warmly at the camera with a head tilt.

My name is StarChild. I have gone by other names in the past, but I find this name to be reflective of me in it’s own special way. Some might think it a cheesy name out of context, but it has a deep reflection of my personal cosmology. I am growing to love it and its multitudes of meanings. At some point I might write more about the origins of the name and its specialness to me.

When trying to introduce myself in a post like this I tend to feel simultaneously very old and very young. There is some sort of poetic irony in attempting to distill down the complexities of experiences and shapes that make up who I am, into some cohesive picture that is understandable, even for who doesn’t know me closely or possibly someone who hasn’t met me.

I have found over time in my nature that I am a shapeshifter, consisting of many ephemeral qualities. I change in many ways, some conscious and others subconscious. This is consistent in philosophy, in gender & sexuality, in names, in my career, and many other things. However I also have guiding principles that have remained consistent through these qualities that I take on.

  • Truthfulness is paramount. In every action, in every word, in every choice.
  • I seek to live in harmony with the wider world.
  • I believe one of the greatest callings one can follow is that of self actualization, and by extension being true to oneself is neither trivial nor easy
  • I aim to leave this world a better place than I found it, one exchange at a time


In our intentional community I wear a few different hats. Specifically I serve as head of security for the household, both physical and technological. As an extension of this I am sometimes brought in on problems as an engineering support and troubleshooter. I help with emergencies with our cats. I also tend to be a float among a variety of other responsibilities as they are needed.

Virtual Life

A sizeable portion of my life is something that I experience online. This includes many places such as VRChat(profile), discord(PurpleStarChild#3867), and many other social platforms. I mention this because it is not unusual for me to interact primarily online or asynchronously as a result of my presence in these spaces. It’s also important because part of my calling in life right now seems to be in part serving as a guide between the physical and online spaces.

Everything Else

I’m still learning what it is that I am comfortable sharing here, and what it is that I need to share. I hope that this has helped provide a glimpse into who I am, and possibly even serve as a guidepost for someone else in their own journey.

Until next time,